Oh My Garlic Dip - 3 pack (50% Off)

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Snacking has never been so simple with our easy-to-make dips. And, the gluten-free base mix is only the beginning. In addition to garlic and onion, Oh My Garlic Dip offers a perfectly balanced blend of basil, chives, dill, thyme and herbs and spices. It is delicious in either cold or cooked applications. Make a simple dip for your crusty bread or fresh veggies, or blend it with cream cheese and stuff in chicken breasts! It is also great served as a topper on baked potatoes or even stirred into mashed potatoes. Follow different recipes or feel free to be a creative chef by adding in different ingredients to switch it up in a pinch—keeping hungry appetites wanting for more.

  • Gluten Free base mix


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